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INSPIRATION: Passion, talent, competitiveness, challenges and results.

Since its inception, Jaked has offered top athletes and all serious swimmers technical and high-performance swimwear for improving their performance. Comfort, confidence and technicity. Jaked sets the highest standards for its products. It does this by continually investing in the research and development of new materials and design technologies and monitoring the entire production process. However, getting the best results also means constantly putting products to the test. To accomplish this, Jaked products are laboratory conceived and then pool-tested with the cooperation of top international competitive swimmers. Jaked shares a common philosophy with these athletes: It's not just about sports, it’s about life. It's about the constant drive to improve and overcome one's limits whatever the starting point.



Jaked is an Italian company founded in 2008.

It made a clamorous debut in the swimming world by introducing the Jaked "Super-body J01", a revolutionary suit with two innovative features: (1) an advanced technological design using thermo-welding to eliminate seams and offer maximum comfort and (2) a high performance, 100% polyurethane-based fabric to reduce drag. The Jaked "Super-body J01" transformed the world of competitive swimming and thrilled fans by setting unprecedented performance standards. At the world Aquatics Championships in Rome in August 2009, approximately 68% of the competing athletes wore a Jaked suit. A total of 17 world records were set by athletes in Jaked suits across various competitive categories. Also, 37 out of a total 104 individual medals were won by swimmers wearing Jaked suits and 17 of these were gold medallists. Inticom SpA. (the owner of the Yamamay) eventually acquired Jaked as a means of entering the aquatic sportswear and accessories market. Inticom (now associated with both Yamamay and Jaked brands) subsequently consolidated with Kuvera (the Carpisa brand) in 2011. Jaked, along with Yamamay and Carpisa, now form part of the Pianoforte Holding Group SpA. In 2012, a new phase began with the opening of the first Jaked franchises. This marked a new direction with regard to Jaked products and corporate strategy. The aim was to expand beyond the world of swimming. Beside swim suits and accessories, new collections were added in the areas of triathlon, running, fitness and general active and beach wear. All these collections reflect the company's continuing passion and constantly advancing technological expertise.