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Passion, challenge, result.

The ability to create garments capable of improving the athlete’s performance is in the DNA of Jaked. Originally focused on swimming, the brand has expanded over time and its current mission is to create a much more extensive collection for the world of sports outside of water. Items on offer now include clothing specific for running and active fitness, water sports, triathlon and general sportswear as well as everyday wear, all in a high-tech style that is unmistakeably “Jaked”. An offer that is already present in 29 flagship stores within Italy
If you are a passionate entrepreneur, an industry expert or an expert of sport in general, Jaked offers you the chance to become one of its franchisees, becoming part of a dynamic programme of distinctive growth.
Location, communication, preparation of the shop and staff training are all advantages for entrepreneurs wishing to take on the Jaked challenge.


  • With the franchise agreement, full and free use of the JAKED brand is permitted
  • The minimum duration of the franchise agreement is five years
  • The agreement does not call for payment of any royalties or entrance fees
  • For shops in Italy, the Affiliate is required to issue, by means of guarantee, bank surety upon first demand in favour of the Company

Jaked store

The ideal location for a new Jaked store needs to have the following requirements:

  • Size of between 50-70 m2
  • Catchment area: urban area with at least 60,000 habitants
  • Prime location: near historical centres, shopping centres, urban areas with a strong emphasis on sports or tourist/seaside areas


The franchisee is responsible for one's own activities and development: he doesn’t simply play a sales role but is very much an entrepreneur in every respect, with all relevant managerial tasks and in accordance with the contract of the franchise. The JAKED Affiliate must sustain the following investments required to build the store:

  • Purchase furnishings
  • Payment for construction work and plant design
  • Computerisation costs of the store
  • Adequate insurance coverage
  • Contribution to transport costs

Modes of support for the Affiliate

The company provides ongoing assistance to the franchisee from the start-up phase, continuing into the everyday management of the store, in the awareness that the success of individual franchisees contribute to the overall development of the chain.

  • Careful analysis of the catchment area of each location;
  • Evaluation of the technical/financial feasibility of the investment;
  • Assistance with the design of the store;
  • Ongoing store management support;
  • Assistance in the selection and training of staff with courses dedicated to sales and product knowledge;
  • Networking with all stores in the chain;
  • Connecting electronically with the company;
  • Help-desk telephone assistance available during the store’s business hours;
  • Support in warehouse logistics management for restocking;
  • Visual merchandising assistance and sales promotions.


If you want to become an affiliate, please write to us at or fill out the form at the following linkindicating your reason as “Franchising”.


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