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Water; Skin; Adrenaline; Competition.

The Jaked story started out in the chlorinated water of swimming pools but it is with its out of water range that Jaked adds new chapters to this story, working in a dynamic world that, through this movement continually expresses its sporting soul. Creating a new story requires adding new chapters with new words. Hence the concepts of Fluidity, Dynamism, Grip, Protection, Ergonomics, Lightness, Water repellency and Waterproofing. The story is enhanced without betraying itself ensuring that Jaked's DNA does not change but modifies itself using its genetic code to develop new combinations.

Chlorinated water; Fresh water; Salt water. Beads of sweat are also water.

Jaked's out of water range creates a wide range of products, all aimed at the sport addicted. Alongside the Triathlon range are running and fitness lines and Jaked also offers sportswear, underwear and beachwear. All items have one or more active functions. Performance is the key word. Form is useless without function: form and function; style and technique; past and future. The job of the designer is like that of a fine craftsman and it is a combination of many elements. Passion is the thread that binds them together.